• David Duncan

    David Duncan

  • Leila Nouri

    Leila Nouri

    Passionate Product Marketer sharing the best new technology value props, trends and stories.

  • Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson

    Solutions Architect working in the AWS UK public sector team. Also like cricket! (Views my own…)

  • Suman Saurabh

    Suman Saurabh

  • Mαzen


    HPC Solutions Architect

  • Pete S

    Pete S

    Coder. C++, flex/flash, Python

  • Jiawei Zhuang

    Jiawei Zhuang

    PhD student at Harvard University. https://jiaweizhuang.github.io/

  • Asher Sterkin

    Asher Sterkin

    Software technologist/architect; connecting dots across multiple disciplines; C-level mentoring

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