Teams Bristol/Bath and Durham kick-off the second annual CIUK Student Cluster Competition utilising a GPU Cluster Environment on Microsoft Azure.

Having the opportunity to develop and hone skills in High Performance Computing is the backbone of the 2nd Annual CIUK Student Cluster Challenge. Following on from our successful first year

The Alces Flight crew worked with the Research Software Engineering (RSE) community to explore what new fields mean to supercomputing at their month-long SeptembRSE conference

The Alan Turing Institute, Alces Flight, Red Oak HPC, Exeter University and CompBioMed talked through issues faced by new fields looking to transition from desktop/workstation to HPC.

A question that always included the RSE Community.

“I’ve been waiting 20 years for this.” — Dr. Andrea Townsend-Nicholson, University College London (UCL) responding to…

With ISC’21 underway the Alces Flight crew is lining up their summer HPC community events — here’s how you can join in.

The Alces Flight crew continues to support online events and engagements in the HPC community during these unusual times. …

Doing HPC all on your own is out — here’s why collaboration is in… and here to stay.

HPC services are getting more complex and diversifying — collaboration is now on the rise between companies and institutions looking to play to their strengths and help each other achieve.

When Intersect360 started giving regular online updates on the state of the HPC marketplace back in 2020 the team noted an ever-increasing category of ‘other’ showing up in response to their question on what institutions were spending their supercomputing dollars on. Diving deeper they noticed that a new services category…

Our final part of the series explores the lessons learned from building up the nUCLeus cloud cluster environment for education in HPC— and what that cluster is up to today.

Reflections on an education cluster environment built on public cloud.

The CompBioMed Center of Excellence focuses on turning the science fiction of personalised medicine into the science fact of everyday clinical use. With partnerships ranging across a host of institutions, access to some of the most powerful supercomputers in the…

Part two of our three part series on utilising the cloud for education in supercomputing looks at the cloud HPC cluster environment created for the CompBioMed Center of Excellence.

Part Two: The nUCLeus cloud HPC cluster environment

For over five years the Alces Flight crew has been studying cloud HPC adoption within HPC services. In part two we focus on the design of the nUCLeus cloud HPC cluster environment.

Applying project goals to cluster environment architecture.

The CompBioMed Center…

Our three part series on utilising the cloud for education in supercomputing kicks off with a look at the CompBioMed Center of Excellence.

Part One: Setting Project Foundations

For over five years the Alces Flight crew has been studying where cloud works best within a HPC service. In this series we’re exploring cloud HPC in education through our work with the CompBioMed Center of Excellence and their cloud HPC training cluster, nUCLeus.


While this year wasn’t what we expected some truly amazing things still happened. Here’s our 2020 year in review.

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times — or so the story of 2020 wants to go. A year that started off with lots of promise cut itself off at the three-month marker when the spread of COVID-19 was officially declared a global pandemic. Suddenly…

See what the Flight Crew got up to during this online event

Virtual Supercomputing may have come to an end but thanks to this event being held entirely online the content will be running live for the next six months! Here’s a quick run-down (with links!) of what the crew got up to this time:

First-time nomination for the HPCwire Reader’s Choice…

Supercomputing (SC’20) has gone virtual — and the move have resulted in record attendance for Alces Flight projects.

Yesterday’s State of Practice talks, part of the Supercomputing (SC’20) Technical Program, were to date the highest attended Alces Flight presentations for a global supercomputing conference.

Over 550+ people from around the world gathered to hear talks presented by the University of Liverpool and CompBioMed Centre of Excellence as they…

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