With ISC’21 underway the Alces Flight crew is lining up their summer HPC community events — here’s how you can join in.

The Alces Flight crew continues to support online events and engagements in the HPC community during these unusual times. We’re back at ISC’21 this year to talk about leadership and equity, are supporting the (virtual) return of the RSE UK and CompBioMed conferences this September, and are on track to return to face-to-face networking (hopefully) starting with SC’21.

Read on for what we’ll be up to at each event and find out how you can take part.

ISC’21 — Online — June 24 to July 2, 2021

The Alces Flight Crew will be joining in on the virtual engagement once…

Doing HPC all on your own is out — here’s why collaboration is in… and here to stay.

HPC services are getting more complex and diversifying — collaboration is now on the rise between companies and institutions looking to play to their strengths and help each other achieve.

When Intersect360 started giving regular online updates on the state of the HPC marketplace back in 2020 the team noted an ever-increasing category of ‘other’ showing up in response to their question on what institutions were spending their supercomputing dollars on. Diving deeper they noticed that a new services category was rising up in the HPC community. One which covered everything from utilising data centres off premises, to managed services, to cloud services, and more. …

Our final part of the series explores the lessons learned from building up the nUCLeus cloud cluster environment for education in HPC— and what that cluster is up to today.

Reflections on an education cluster environment built on public cloud.

The CompBioMed Center of Excellence focuses on turning the science fiction of personalised medicine into the science fact of everyday clinical use. With partnerships ranging across a host of institutions, access to some of the most powerful supercomputers in the UK/EMEA, and a field growing rapidly into High Performance Computing, the team turned to public cloud to consolidate and distribute HPC knowledge to their user base.

Starting with establishing broad education goals and then using those goals to influence their cluster build, the CompBioMed team spent eight weeks training incoming…

Part two of our three part series on utilising the cloud for education in supercomputing looks at the cloud HPC cluster environment created for the CompBioMed Center of Excellence.

Part Two: The nUCLeus cloud HPC cluster environment

For over five years the Alces Flight crew has been studying cloud HPC adoption within HPC services. In part two we focus on the design of the nUCLeus cloud HPC cluster environment.

Applying project goals to cluster environment architecture.

The CompBioMed Center of Excellence focuses on turning the science fiction of personalised medicine into the science fact of everyday clinical use. …

Our three part series on utilising the cloud for education in supercomputing kicks off with a look at the CompBioMed Center of Excellence.

Part One: Setting Project Foundations

For over five years the Alces Flight crew has been studying where cloud works best within a HPC service. In this series we’re exploring cloud HPC in education through our work with the CompBioMed Center of Excellence and their cloud HPC training cluster, nUCLeus.

Adding Cloud to a Consortia.

The CompBioMed Center of Excellence focuses on turning the science fiction of personalised medicine into the science fact of everyday clinical use. …

While this year wasn’t what we expected some truly amazing things still happened. Here’s our 2020 year in review.

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times — or so the story of 2020 wants to go. A year that started off with lots of promise cut itself off at the three-month marker when the spread of COVID-19 was officially declared a global pandemic. Suddenly, everyone’s priorities were shifted. For the Alces Flight crew our focus changed, but thanks to our intuitive clients and our ability to adapt with the times some really extraordinary things happened for us in HPC. Here’s our review:

Cloud HPC looked to be more about small projects…

We started off…

See what the Flight Crew got up to during this online event

Virtual Supercomputing may have come to an end but thanks to this event being held entirely online the content will be running live for the next six months! Here’s a quick run-down (with links!) of what the crew got up to this time:

First-time nomination for the HPCwire Reader’s Choice Awards

We were proud to secure a first-time nomination with the University of Liverpool and AWS for work done in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. We might not have taken home the prize this time but the research done to achieve this recognition in progressing COVID-19 diagnosis means everyone wins.

Supercomputing (SC’20) has gone virtual — and the move have resulted in record attendance for Alces Flight projects.

Yesterday’s State of Practice talks, part of the Supercomputing (SC’20) Technical Program, were to date the highest attended Alces Flight presentations for a global supercomputing conference.

Over 550+ people from around the world gathered to hear talks presented by the University of Liverpool and CompBioMed Centre of Excellence as they went through their respective presentations on AI imagining analysis for COVID-19 and training in biomedical sciences.

Fresh off their nomination for the HPCwire Reader’s Choice Award, the University of Liverpool kicked-off the Alces presentation run — showcasing the power of their hybrid HPC solution design in the race to diagnose…

This year the Alces Flight team is participating in not one, but two HPC State of the Practice presentations covering hybrid and cloud HPC.

The Flight Crew is back — albeit virtually — to participate once again in the annual Supercomputing (SC’20) convention. This conference, like so many other events, has moved online… but… this move is allowing global participation and a chance for more voices to be heard in the HPC community… so it’s even better.

We are excited to announce that two of our projects were selected for HPC State of Practice talks, both taking place on November 17th. …

The staff at Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University, through their EPSRC grant, are growing their solution and Research Software Engineering (RSE) portfolio intelligently in order to meet the changing needs of their new user base.

Our students and researchers drive our technological advancement both here at Queen’s and at Ulster,” explains Vaughan Purnell, Research Computing Manager, of Queen’s University Belfast. “When we came together to plan how we would tackle these new fields, we knew we would need the best platform for our research and an end user model built on RSE engagement. Our aim is to educate users today on the systems available, while keeping an eye to the user and system requirements of tomorrow — all without sacrificing quality or time-to-science.”

The NI-HPC ‘Kelvin2’ cluster is built through partnership with Dell EMC, ROC…

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