HPC Community Update: Summer 2021

The Alces Flight crew continues to support online events and engagements in the HPC community during these unusual times. We’re back at ISC’21 this year to talk about leadership and equity, are supporting the (virtual) return of the RSE UK and CompBioMed conferences this September, and are on track to return to face-to-face networking (hopefully) starting with SC’21.

Read on for what we’ll be up to at each event and find out how you can take part.

ISC’21 — Online — June 24 to July 2, 2021

The Alces Flight Crew will be joining in on the virtual engagement once more at ISC. This year the team will be talking about leadership and equity at the conference by supporting the ISC Inclusivity Hallway and taking part in a Fireside Chat from Intel on Leadership in Extraordinary Times. Join in and learn how the crew has found ways to stay in touch with the community, reach out to their networks, and keep connected to their colleagues over the past 18 months.

We’d like to extend our appreciation to Women in HPC for inviting our team to participate in both of these valuable sessions.

CompBioMed Conference — Online — September 15–17, 2021

The CompBioMed Center of Excellence will be taking their annual conference online this year. Happening September 15 to 17th this community, focused on the advancement of personalised medicine, will be featuring talks and engagements on exploring the virtual human. Our crew will be leading the session on the movement from desktop to HPC and beyond — covering everything from application development to working across platforms in order to scale research rapidly.

Calls for submissions to this conference and registration for the event is now open. Join in and be a part of one of the fastest growing fields in HPC.

SeptembRSE: A virtual celebration of Research Software Engineering — Online — from September 6th

This year RSE UK is taking their conference online throughout the whole month of September. Utilising a mixture of networking and event platforms the community is currently gathering abstracts for daily sessions featuring talks, panels, posters, workshops, and much more.

The field of Research Software Engineering has dedicated itself to excellence in code and project management, software engineering, and establishing rigorous standards in supercomputing. We are excited to be taking part in this conference and are currently working with the committees to help gather the submissions and mentor those who are presenting for the first time.

Registration is now open! Join in.

Beyond September

The Alces Flight crew will hopefully be seeing everyone in-person at the SC’21 conference happening in November in St. Louis. Our team is working on our latest interactive exhibits and are actively gathering stories for the HPC community — including pieces on Six Trailblazing Women in HPC and an AI project that is writing poetry in the style of Robert Burns.

All being well we should end the year at the annual CIUK Conference in Manchester. Plans are coming together on this year’s HPC Cluster Challenge and we will once again be exhibiting with our peers.

We hope to see you online this summer and in-person come autumn. As always if you want to get in touch please feel free to contact the team.




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