Business as Unusual

Much like everyone else in the world, the way we started 2020 and the way things turned out has proven to be entirely unexpected. The challenges that came our way have frequently turned, surprisingly, into opportunities — something that we weren’t so sure was going to be the case as we felt the shock of the pandemic hit the HPC market.

We’ve chosen to lean in to the changes that have come our way, learning how to take our knowledge and re-apply it. We’ve emerged with insights that we are keen to share with the community. What we’ve learned applies across a diverse range of HPC themes: system sustainability, skill development, embracing new tech when budgets are being heavily monitored; all of these things have been impacted as the rule book of how we normally engage with HPC has been ripped up.

To help focus us on helping out the HPC community we want to know from our readers: what would you like to hear about first? While we’d love to cover everything we also want to be sure that what we’re sharing is actually what people need and not adding to the already mountainous overload of information.

The lessons we‘ve learned can be grouped into roughly three areas:

  • Getting the most out of your current HPC solution.
  • Addressing the skills gaps that are emerging as HPC spreads across platforms and into new fields.
  • Adding new technology to your HPC service that doesn’t break the bank.

Our survey is now closed and we’re just about to release the winning material! Once we have it you’ll find a link here — so check back soon!

It’s been business as unusual for us here at Alces Flight — and over these next few weeks we hope to share how we’ve taken the problems that have come our way and turned them into solutions.




Software for research computing

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Software for research computing

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