Alces Flight raises £344 for global charities at ISC23 — Hamburg

ISC attendees helped donate funds across four charities in healthcare and ecology

Alces Flight
2 min readMay 26, 2023
The team at Alces Flight wave farewell after attending the ISC exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.
Some of the Alces Flight crew on the last day of the ISC exhibition

In our continued pursuit to reduce waste and make our exhibitions at global conferences more sustainable we are incredibly pleased to announce that our 2023 appearance at ISC has raised a cumulative £344 for the charities of WaterAid, OneTreePlanted, Doctors without Borders (Medecins sans Frontieres), and In true HPC Community spirit those who participated in our charity activity managed to split the funds almost equally across groups.

We selected each charity based on their record of contribution to worldwide impact and their commitment (and reporting transparency) in spending 80% or more of donations received directly on their programmes.

An example of a donation station set-up by Alces Flight. Colourful tokens represented £1 which those who stopped by could then put towards a charity of choice.
Close-Up of the Alces Flight Donation Station at ISC’23

How it worked…

We created a charity donation station on our booth where those who dropped by to learn more about our products and services could donate some of our booth marketing funds to their charity (or charities) of choice. As thanks they could select a pin or sticker, should they wish to do so. The donation station was open throughout the exhibition and attendees could donate at any time. 90% of the materials used to create this station will be re-used in further exhibitions and 5% were recyclable.

Where will you find our next donation station?

We have two further major HPC exhibition events planned — SC’23 in Denver, Colorado and CIUK in Manchester, UK. However, if we get more opportunities to do so we’ll be sure to update you.

Can I copy your idea?

Sure! We officially launched the concept at SC’22 and are continuing to refine how our project works. You can see more detail (and how we also used a student challenge to boost donations) by reading our CIUK’22 re-cap.