Advancements in Open Source and HPC

Alces Flight attended HPCKP23 — Barcelona to discuss the progress being made on our OpenFlightHPC project during the two-day conference

Alces Flight
2 min readMay 20, 2023
Our moosecot enjoys a break at Park Güell, Barcelona

Knowledge, inclusion, and sustainability serve as the three tenets of the High Performance Computing Knowledge Portal (HPCKP) and this year their conference presented them — and more. Now in its 13th year, this non-profit event drew speakers from the UK and EU together to talk about the present and future of HPC. With topics ranging from quantum computing to cloud, current HPC advancements to open source, this event highlighted the best in our field while allowing an open and safe space to discuss and debate ideas.

The Flight Crew were on hand to talk about the latest work being done in our OpenFlightHPC project. This project, which is all about delivering users the best HPC environments, was officially launched in 2019 but the roots stretch back to the earliest days of Alces itself. Over the half hour our team member walked attendees through the expediting capabilities we have developed for users wishing to launch and run an environment quickly, and highlighted areas we hope to develop further in allowing those who have crafted specific environments to save time and cost in getting their users into the science.

The OpenFlightHPC workflow demonstration used at HPCKP23

HPCKP also allowed us a great opportunity to dive into our managed services and integration knowledge within the conference itself and through visiting the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. At BSC we viewed the work on MareNostrum 5 and saw MareNostrum 4 in action. We were particularly thrilled to see the BSC team highlight the work being done in healthcare and HPC — specifically the work being pursued by CompBioMed- which we have contributed training HPC cluster environments to in the past.

Visiting MareNostrum 4 — Barcelona Supercomputing Center

We are incredibly grateful to the team for this opportunity to present to the community, and wish to thank both HPCKP and Women in HPC, who sponsored our presenter, Cristin Merritt.

Currently, HPCKP is compiling the recordings from this year’s conference and will publish them shortly. Once we have a link to the full program we will post it here. In the meantime you can view the complete abstracts for 2023 and watch prior year’s recordings on their channel.